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IKON BPS - Document Management System ( DMS )

The Global Digital Universe is growing exponentially and is doubling in every 2 years and is expected to touch 44 Zetabytes(ZB) or 44 Trillion Gigabytes (GBs) by year 2020. The Indian Digital Universe is growing at a similar space and is expected to touch 2.8 ZB by year 2020. As on 2018 the Global Digital Universe stands at 33 ZB and is will touch 175 ZB by 2025 (Source IDC).

The most common form of Information Generation in an organization is thru creation of Document, both Physical and Electronic. As soon as these information are created, it become vital evidence for Statutory Audit and Compliances.

The Key Concerns of any organization are -

  • Traceability and Availability on demand
  • Inventory of Records
  • Visibility and Audit Trails
  • Life Cycle and Retention
  • Infrastructure, Systems & Processes for Management
  • Safety and Security
  • Access Restriction and Control

Your search for a reliable partner for an End to End Solution ends here.

IKON Team, are the subject matter experts having more than 4 decades of collective experience in the field of Records & Document Management across diversified segment. The expertise varies from highly sensitive Defense Sector, Central & State Government, Telecom, Banking, NBFC, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Media, Legal, IT, ITeS and BPO. Our team is fully competent to guide your Organization in your journey of Digital Transformation.

Our Services

Our Business Process Outsource (BPO) Solutions are designed to help improve operational efficiency and organizational priorities. We offer BPO Solutions to ensure that each client get a customized and tailored solution that is in tune with their requirements and organizational goals. Our BPO Solutions ensures that you have experts in the field guiding you on how best to streamline your Document Processing and Management, with the right team of software and people. We enable enterprises of various sizes to achieve their business goals, while subject matter experts take care of the Business Critical Documentation.

Managed Document Processing Services

Managed Document
Processing Services

Data Processing & Data Entry

Data Processing
Data Entry

Bulk Document Scanning & Digitization Services

Document Scanning

Document Validation


Document Inventory Services


MailRoom Management

Mail Room

Our Consultancy

Industry & Subject Matter Experts, having cumulative experice of nearly 4 decades under their belt, backs IKON Consultancy Services. During their respective career, they have Designed, Developed and Implemented solutions across industries, company sizes and technology environments. We follow the Project Approach Methodology derived and perfected out of our vast experience, to synergize the efforts and delivery which is described as below.

Document Processing & Management

Document Processing

In-House Records Management Processes

In-House Records
Management Processes

Our Clients and Partners

Disney India
Tech Mahindra

Our Products

3 Star IKONDocuM

IKONDocuM is conceptualized by the Team of Subject Matter Experts, having an experience of more than 4 Decades in managing Records and Document. The Product is crafted after extensive Market Research into various Segment and Verticals Records and Document Management Pain Areas and suitably designed to provide solutions for those.

3 Star IKONRecoM

IKONRecoM is a unique and robust Software Solution to help you manage your Hard copy Records and Documents in the most effective and professional manner to meet the challenges of Compliance, Risk Management & Business Continuity, while facilitating a Secure environment with Access Audit Trails for your critical information.

3 Star IKONDoeS

IKONDoeS is suitable for any Enterprise which is considering to efficiently Create, Edit Review, Manage & Distribute the business documents. It enables organizations to regulate and manage the Creation and Review of business documents and make them available as online information. Some of the highlights are mentioned below.