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Benefits of DMS

Digital Document Management Made Easy

In this fast-growing world, where Digitization has taken over the entire landscape, we have reduced our dependence on paper. People now wish to keep their important work in electronic forms so that they can access them from anywhere and at any time. Several software developing companies have come up in the market aiming me to make our work easier and smarter. They have multiple options to manage the long queues of the document in our workplace, whether it be in the medical field, school and college administration, railway management or political agendas. One thing common between them is the handling of a large sum of documents. We at IKON BPS, provide you with the finest Document Management Software which intends to manage digital documents. The product is curated after carrying out extensive market research in multiple segments and records along with the various document management pain points, and then the solution has been carefully designed to address all the issues. Here are some of the best features that you need in any Document Management System
Ease of Accessibility
With a built-in universal file viewer, allows the users to documents of all formats in the system. Additionally, since it is an online repository it can be easily accessed anywhere from the internet.
Security is an inevitable part of any software. For the security of documents, we have a dedicated admin panel which can easily control the application uploading document signatures for authorization of various activities, use of OTP for a mandatory password change, etc. are some of the various security measures that we provide.
Management and structuring
This is one of the most important aspects as it decides the reliability of the software in the market. You have multiple options such as sharing of documents through emails with encryption for external and internal users, facilitate tags, creation of quick access for pages, alerts for immediate updates of folders, etc.
Hybrid Solution
A unique solution which allows you to deploy the application, database, and repository on 2 or 3 services (either on-premise and/or hosted), to give you the maximum flexibility possible.
We do provide our clients with an assessment where they can try up the software and get an insight into how their works would become easier by using the software.
These are just a few features that a Document Management Software offers you and can make your work easier. There are a lot of benefits of having a document management system in place and if you are still unsure about how it can help you and your organisation then get in touch with our team experts and get all your queries solved.