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Benefits of DMS

Document Management Software Prerequisite for the Digital Age Businesses

This is the age of digital business. As such it is almost impossible to imagine a business not using the latest technology such as document management software. These software products are created by the leading experts in this domain. It also goes without saying that they are immensely experienced in such work.
Ease of access
The document management systems we are talking about over here can be described as web-based repositories that can be accessed both from intranet and internet. They come with inbuilt universal file viewer facilities that you can use in order to view all kinds of standard document formats. This system is also equipped with provisions for thumbnail views of pages and documents.
Upload and download facilities
The document management software systems make it easy for you to download and upload necessary files. You can do this with multiple files as well and you can also zip them at the folder level to make the work easier for you.
Search facilities
This system comes with a flexible search engine which makes it easy for you to search in an efficient manner and that too within a shorter span of time. On this system, you can perform different kinds of searches such as general search, advanced search, and multi-search.
OCR facilities
OCR stands for optical character recognition. Thanks to this particular feature of the document management software systems you get separate panels where you can view the progress of the OCR process. You also get a separate panel where you can see the text that has been captured through this process.
Document automation based on AI (Artificial Intelligence)
This system comes with built-in AI tools that let you automatically store files in the necessary folders and subfolders on the basis of metadata input. These built-in tools also allow automated document link creation between different documents.
Audit trail facilities
The document management software systems have audit trail facilities that come in great detail and cover all the actions that the users have performed. They have more than 50 predefined parameters that get stored and captured in the audit trail on an automatic basis.
Backup, migration, and restoration facilities
Document Management Software comes with a backup panel that has features like backup application, database, and repository. With these systems, it is easy to restore applications, databases, and repositories to their previous versions. They also make it easy to migrate data between various devices.
Security facilities
The document management software usually provides access based on categories such as roles and users. They offer multi-tier access control at various levels such as folder, metadata, and document, to name a few. The files in these systems are encrypted automatically as well.
Management and structuring
These systems facilitate the process of leaving remarks and notes on documents even as you are uploading them. They also come with provisions for annotating and blocking contents by way of redaction. They have version control protocol that you can use to restore earlier versions of your documents.