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How Records Management helps organizations to control information pilferage

How Records Management helps organizations to control information pilferage

Organizations have been working for a long time, gaining the faith of clients and one day someone comes a steals those identities from you. This Sounds terrifying, isn't that so? Are you among those who neglect to safeguard the sensitive data? If you're, then all that hard-earned trusts can disappear in a space of a heartbeat! There's a simple solution to address this threat and it is known as Records Management system.
What are a records management system?
It is a software system devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle. In short; “ Records management is knowing what you have, where you have it and how long you have to keep it.” A Records Management system. helps organizations to secure their information available in the form of physical record scientifically. The following are the principles of Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles recommended by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA):
  1. Principle of Accountability
  2. Principle of Integrity
  3. Principle of Protection
  4. Principle of Compliance
  5. Principle of Availability
  6. Principle of Retention
  7. Principle of Disposition
  8. Principle of Transparency
These are the 8 basic principles on which any Record Management System works.
An organization needs to follow the following practices to ensure that its vital Records are Safe and Secure:-
Proper Records Management practices:
A record when created in an Organization, needs to in line with the clearly defined Records Creation Policy. A record must have a defined Retention and post retention, a destruction procedure. This ensures Information and Records safety throughout their usage and retention period. Post retention, the record is properly getting disposed of. Organizations use an offsite or onsite file storage facility to keep their records secure.
Secure records storage:
Identity thefts are not about digital only, but the possibilities are very high when the information is available over the paper, as a part of the record. With a definite intention of stealing your data, individuals or groups of the Organizational Employees or Outsiders, will not leave any opportunity to rob your private information, especially if it's a physical file.Documents are easy to steal and they are, oftentimes, untraceable. That's why all the records need to be at a secure records storage location, where it ensured that all the Records are having bar codes and traceable.
Timely and Monitored Records Disposal or Destruction :
In line with Organizations Records Disposal Policy, all Records which are no longer needed,are to be destroyed.The safest and eco-friendly way of records disposal is thru shredding.Various professionals and companies provide these as an Onsite or Offsite service on-demand basis. And once the records are destroyed, you'll receive a certificate of destruction. All your diligent work to gain the trust and confidence of your clients takes a long time, and within a few seconds, you can lose them forever. If you follow the above tips, a record management system can prevent information pilferage ensuring your client's identity secure.