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Keep Documents Easily Traceable

How to Keep Important Files or Documents Easily Traceable?

Modern companies are gradually embracing Document Management System and other Document Workflow Management System software tools. These solutions provide excellent digital file and Document Storage and Retrieval options. When digital files and documents are managed via software, they become so easy to access and edit or utilize in any other way. Software solutions for Document Management are digital filing cabinets that provide a structure for organizing all digitally converted paper documents and files. They work together with your office scanners to turn paper files into digital formats that can be kept online. The Document Management System is powered by advanced search engines, to enable these systems to faster access to any document or file you want when you need it. They save a lot of company’s resources by eliminating errors that would be so costly to correct.

How to use Document Management System?

As the leading way to store and retrieve files quickly, this type of software solution is so crucial now. Once your organization adopts this software, it will be able to use it in the following manner.
  • Store different files regardless of their formats: Microsoft Word, PDF etc.
  • Simplify the act of file search. With just a single keyword, you can search the entire Document library until you get the file you need. The search will be so quick when compared to manually locating a file in a file's cabinet.
  • You can monitor each user to view documents in the library
  • You can automatically track all changes made to various office documents, thru version control and for restoration or review of older files.
  • Impose control over certain documents by limiting access.
  • You can decide when obsolete data can be erased and totally removed from the software.
  • Access, adjust and share files through mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

After uploading your files and documents in the system, there are various ways to retrieve them. For instance, you can search by the file’s title, name of the author or time it was inserted into the system. Searching for content within a file is also possible, with Document Management System having integrated OCR feature. Searches can be conducted in seconds and this can save your time.

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