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Importance of Document Digitization services & Business Process Outsourcing Solutions by IKON BPS

Importance of Document Digitization services & Business Process Outsourcing Solutions by IKON BPS

The global digital universe is growing at an exponential rate. This can be understood from the fact that it is doubling after every 2 years. At this rate, it is expected that by 2020 it would touch 44 trillion GBs (Gigabytes) or 44 ZBs (Zettabytes). By 2025 this figure would go up to 175 ZB. The digital universe of India is growing at a similar pace as well and is expected to hit the 2.8 ZB mark by 2020. Consider the immense volume of work being done in this regard. Thus you can easily understand how important business process outsourcing solutions are going to be in the days ahead
The importance of documents
The commonest form in which information is generated and disseminated in the world is through documents that include both the electronic and the physical variants. This is where document digitization services are expected to play such a major role in every sense of the word. Even as the information is created, it becomes a very important piece of evidence as far as compliances and statutory audits are concerned.
What are the major concerns of businesses?
There are some areas in which businesses are concerned about especially when it comes to documents such as these. They may be mentioned as below:
  • traceability and availability on demand
  • infrastructure, systems, and processes for management
  • inventory of records
  • safety and security
  • visibility and audit trails
  • access restriction and control
  • life cycle and retention
In order to tend to all these areas the proper way, it is very important that you avail the best business process outsourcing solutions as well like IKON BPS. You need a service provider who can partner with you and, provide you with the kind of end to end services that you may be looking for over here.
Choosing ones with experience
It is very important that the document digitization services provider you choose has sufficient experience in particular regard. The best service providers are ones who have years of experience, in this regard. You would normally see that BPO company like IKON BPS has worked with entities in sectors that are as diverse as defence, governmental entities, telecom, banking, NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies), insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, diagnostics, media, law, IT (Information Technology), ITeS (IT Enabled Services) The companies that provide these services should have professionals who are absolutely competent and would act as your able guides, even as you transform yourself into a digital entity. In this case IKON BPS possess professionals with vast experience in BPO solutions
The companies that offer business process outsourcing solutions specialize in a wide array of services such as the following:
  • managed document processing services
  • data processing and data entry
  • document scanning and digitization
  • document validation services
  • document inventorization services
  • mailroom management
Thus, as you can see, you would get all that you need from them and more.