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Indian Healthcare sector needs an Electronic Patient Record Management System

Indian Healthcare sector needs an Electronic Patient Record Management System

The recent developments in telecommunications have widely spread to the healthcare sector too. The Electronic Patient Record Management System is a centralized database using PHP and MYSQL combinations and that contains all in-patient records. The patient's personal information, department lies-in, treatments, lab records, and other important details are all recorded on this software. It can also be used in the cash collection process and to manage and archive data.

The most populated Russian city, Moscow has activated a Unified Medical and Analytical Record Management System that maintains cloud-based health records, e-prescriptions, and medical appointments across all healthcare institutions in the city. Reportedly, after executing the system, the waiting time to consult a doctor has decreased to 2 days. The system has slashed paperwork and call center expenses and has proved to be immensely convenient to citizens.

The advantages of having an electronic patient Record management system in clinical and healthcare settings are many.

  1. You do not have to manage, store and retrieve bulky paper records.
  2. Easier access to clinical data since everything is stored in one place.
  3. With a record management system, you can maintain an efficient clinical workflow.
  4. Improved patient safety and efficient decision-making process.
  5. It allows interacting seamlessly with other affiliated hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies.
  6. You can gather and analyze patient data that can enable outreach to discreet populations.
  7. Providing up-to-date and accurate information about the patients so that they receive the correct diagnosis.
  8. Reducing costs through decreased paperwork reduced duplication and improved safety.
  9. Improving patient-provider interaction and communication as well as promote health care convenience.
Although the Electronic Patient Record Management System has its own advantages, people still prefer paper records over Electronic Health Records in the 21st century, it is extremely important for healthcare settings in India to make the shift. The primary challenge faced by clinical settings to implement Electronic Health Records is that they are notably valuable due to its features and installation. The IKONRecoM by IKON BPS is a unique and robust proprietary system solution to manage and digitalize all hard copy records and documents and is best suitable for health settings. It is a web-based application that can overcome the challenges of Compliance, Risk Management, and Business continuity. It also facilitates a secure environment with access to audit trails for your information. Say no to bulk processing of hardcopy records and get yourself an in-house electronic Record Management System