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Benefits of DMS

Overview of Increased demand for Electronic Document Management System in the Pharma Sector

Pharma companies and the pharma research laboratories, in general, have a lot of paperwork to be done and managed. The paperwork surely poses some hassles, both for the researchers, scientists and the professionals working in the setting. Paperwork includes research history, test results, vaccinations, diagnosis codes, lab results, pay receipts and so on. But, who would like to go through a pile of papers when this can be accessed and retrieved via a click on your personal computer? The extreme growth of electronic document management systems can be seen across all industries, especially in the pharma industry. The various government initiatives and regulations which are in line with the information storage protocols have predicted the drastic rise in the opportunities related to the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) market. These document management solutions allow ease of access, retrieval, indexing and archiving of documents a lot easier than before.

The pharmaceutical industries are managed in a highly regulated environment and require effective Document Management Systems. Due to strict regulations, they have to process vast information data on a daily basis. Along with the record management system, data security is a major concern in the Pharmaceutical industry. In the Pharma industry, electronic document management systems needed to integrate with the quality management system, electronic batch manufacturing records, and manufacturing system setup to track electronic documents generated during manufacturing processes. Electronic Document Management System helps pharma organizations to streamline and automate their paper processes for increased efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Electronic Document Management System seamlessly integrates with the Record management system and Document workflow system to help pharma companies establish themselves as a regulated industry with a formal approval process mechanism. It also makes them pharma companies that are following Good manufacturing processes and Good laboratory and research practices.

The Electronic Document Management System includes various functions like Task Management, File Sharing, Collaboration for the Pharmaceuticals industry. It has been predicted that the market would reach over 6 Billion USD by 2024.

The implementation of a SaaS solution along with cloud computing will drive the entire market of electronic document management solutions in the nearby future. These solutions have been adopted and utilized by many enterprises today to simplify the multiple business processes and to efficiently manage their entire documentation process. Software solution providers in this domain offer network-based, desktop-based, and also cloud-based solutions to effectively manage business documentation. These providers are slowly realizing the need for customized processes and content management for each business. Companies operating in the electronic document management system market like IKON BPS is providing the best in class proprietary in-house system solutions.

Electronic Document Management System has innumerable benefits, first being the amount of money you will be able to save. Since you will not require cabinets and other equipment to save your hard copies, you will save a lot of money as well as clutter. Electronic management systems mean greater security, faster processing, and fewer errors. Now that you know the many benefits of electronic DMS, make the switch!