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Benefits of DMS

Record Management System for Speedy Document Recall

Records Management system (RMS) is the management of records for an organization throughout the records-life cycle. IKONRecoM by IKON BPS is a robust software solution which can help you manage the Digital Records of your hard copy documents most effectively and professionally which enable to meet all the challenges of risk management, compliance, and business continuity. This helps you to facilitate a secure environment for audit trials of all the critical information. With this software, we aim to provide you a solution which can help you regulate, control, archive, store and even destroy the digital business documents efficiently and also ensure the availability of records on demand whenever needed. In today’s growing digitization, we need to have software like these to reduce our workload and to recover files in a fast and efficient manner.
Banks can save money
Any bank that implements Document Management System is able to save money, by reducing its paper consumption and associated costs. Besides, some clerical positions might become redundant as manual tasks get eliminated. As an adequate document management system can enable banks to optimize their customer service, beat competition, enhance their digital operations and protect confidential customer information.
Here are some of the features of our records management system
Being browser-based solutions makes it easier for you to access it easily across multiple devices. It also has a unique id barcode system for all files and locations so that it is easy for you to track and identify them.
Not every user will have access to all the files. The admin can easily set up the accessibility features, ensuring that only the relevant files are shared with a specific person. The users can access the available content based on their credentials and role in the organization. If in any situation, a user needs access to the files of another user, they can put in the request for the same. All these features ensure that the company data is kept safe and only select people have access to the entire data.
Admin Panel:
Admins have an entire dashboard which they can use to have a holistic view of all the records and documents. They can create new users and assign them specific roles in the system and can easily edit and/or delete the incorrect entries. Admin Panel can even help simplify the audit trails and curate all the transaction reports easily.
These are just a few features of the record management system. With a record management system, it becomes easy to access data as and when needed, with just the click of the button. This allows organizations to work with maximum efficiency at all times.
If you are still in doubt of a records management system, then get in touch with the experts at IKON BPS today and understand all the benefits that this system has to offer to you.