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Working of the Digital DMS

Working of the Digital Document Management System

In a demanding present-day business environment, when the digitally available information is overflowing, maintaining digital records and documents in a specific pattern is a tedious task. This is where a Digital Document Management System (DMS) comes to the rescue of an Organization.

It is a Software that is specially designed for organizing and storing digital business documents and records of varied kinds. A Document Management System - DMS is very specifics oriented, in the manner in which it allows the users to organize and store various digital documents. A DMS is majorly used to manage organizational documents, which are either turned digital from paper or are digitally created thru various Electronic Document Creators i.e. Email, MSWord, MSExcel, MSPPT, Text, Adobe PDF, JPEG, CAD etc. Document Management System is the answer to store and manage large volumes of digital documents and automate various document based manual approval processes, making it a critical instrument for any organization which is going through a digital transformation.

  • 1. Indexing of Document from Any Source: It is the ability to allocate a Unique Name to the Document and Store it in DMS, which you can find easily and have access to them as per your need. The documents can be indexed based on various factors such as numbers, topics etc. There are multiple ways to Indexing a document:
    • Paper Documents Capture: This process of Indexing is the most basic form, wherein paper documents which are either handwritten or typed out, is scanned thru scanners and converted into Digital Format and named as per the classification.
    • Email Capture: In today’s corporate world, emails are crucial and more often than not, emails consist of various documents, which need to be stored. In this Indexing, the content of the emails, their attachments, and even the invoices are sorted, named as per classification and stored.
    • System Generated Reports Capture: Every organization uses various kinds of Business Operations Systems which are used to constantly generate various kinds of documents and reports which range from invoices, inventory, warehouse details, and even customer database. A specific Indexing parameter as per the Classification of the Document is required for the orderly Storage of Digital Records and made available on demand. This ensures the smooth functioning of all departments and the availability of all the communications for view and review.
  • 2. Creation of Central Document Repository: A Document Management Systems helps organizations to create a Central Repository for all Digital Documents, which are stored in a systematic folder hierarchy. These folders are accessed by the employees on a need basis to perform various activities related to their Job Function. The DMS can be hosted On-Premise or at 3rd Party Data Centre or at Private or Public Cloud. These instances help employees to immediately access various documents at different points of time as per the need.
  • 3. Ensuring Documents are secure: Maintaining security of the documents is not just to keep the entire digital document safe, but also to protect the document from unauthorized access. The DMS helps to set up an Access Control (AC) Protocol for employees to access Documents as per the Role and Function. An AC Protocol ensures that an authorized document can only be accessed, viewed, reviewed and changes made if required. All the activities by the employees are captured in the Audit Trails for records.
  • 4. Retrieving Documents and Distribution: A Document Management System also makes the process of retrieving and distributing documents simplified. This also ensures availability of document for use and share, as and when the need arises. The document retrieval process thru a search engine with multiple options helps in quick identification of document required. Document Management System with multiple search options i.e. Keyword search, File Name Search, Meta Data Search, Content Search etc. Document Management System helps Organizations in a secure Document distribution and sharing, as it makes the entire process of sharing and sending documents to customers, vendors and even employees very easy. You can also choose the way in which you want to share the document, be it through an email or FTP. This includes sending documents in the specified formats as per the requirement of the clients or customers.

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