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Document Workflow Management System

In every Organization the documents manually flow through files and there is a considerable cost to track, manage and ensure that all work is completed within required timelines. This is also exposed to the risk of Documents getting un-traceable, lost, forgotten or wrongly routed for action causing delays, that negatively impact productivity and also the image of the organization.

A Document Process Workflow can be defined as a Tool to Digitally Create, Move, Initiate and Complete Actions Required with regard to the Document within or external (if required) departments throughout an organization or department in a Systematic Sequence. It helps to monitor and manage this process by automatically sending alert notifications to ensure all the authorized people process the documents in a timebound fashion. It helps increasing visibility of various document processes and able to improve productivity with standardization of processes and enabling any time access to documents.

IKONDoeS is suitable for any Enterprise which is considering to efficiently Create, Edit Review, Manage & Distribute the business documents. It enables organizations to regulate and manage the Creation and Review of business documents and make them available as online information.


Ease of Access

Ease of Access

  • Web Based Solution, which works seamlessly on LAN/WAN & Internet
  • Simple User Interface for Ease of Use
  • Inbuilt Viewer with Track Change Capture Module
  • Customizable Variable Data Setting Module to facilitate multiple data imports into the Document
  • Easily Create, Import or Upload Files within and into the application


  • User Configuration Model for flexibility in implementation Organisation Policies
  • Unlimited Scalability & Modular Architecture
  • Provision for Submission & Resubmission
  • All corrections captured and recorded at each user level for Review and Audit Trail
  • Predefined Audit Trail/Reports/Statistics for effective Monitoring
Document Workflow Solutions


  • Separate Admin Panel to Create, Design and Manage the Workflows
  • Worflow designing with Horizontal and Collaborative Models
  • Options of Collaborative & Horizontal Workflow creation


  • Access thru Secure Login & Password
  • Role Based Access of Workflow Functionalities
  • Assign Access and Usage Permissions as per each User Function
  • 256bits, encryption of Data Base and Repository for added security
  • Backup of Repository and Database facilitated within application for DR


Our solutions are crafted after extensive survey of the Market Requirement, Key Pain Areas and Adaptation Challenges currently faced by various organizations across a diversified verticals. Our solutions are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements, ensuring an unparallel user experience. With multiple options to choose from, you are bound to have the best buy, which suits your organization needs.

Core Features

  • Web Based Solution which is accessed thru WAN/LAN or Internet
  • Easy scalability for Server Infra and Storage
  • Subscription Billing on Concurrent Users Volumes on Monthly/Quarterly Advance basis
  • SaaS Solutions with 3 to 5 year renewable Contract, with or without Hardware refresh
  • Free Updates, DR Support, Free re-installation and many more added benefits built in the ASC for total Peace of Mind
  • SaaS Charges include ASC for the period of Contract
  • Unlimited scalability for Users Volumes
  • On Demand Remote Support for Application during all Week days
  • Hardware & Data Center Support as per OEM Terms

On Premise

On-Premise SaaS Solutions

A solution that helps organizations to streamline and control their Application, Database and Repository within in house IT Infrastructure.

On Premise Perpetual One Off Payment

On Premise SaaS Subscription

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