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In House Records Management

IKON RecoM is a unique and robust Software Solution to help you manage your Hard copy Records and Documents in the most effective and professional manner to meet the challenges of Compliance, Risk Management & Business Continuity, while facilitating a Secure environment with access Audit Trails for your critical information.

IKONRecoM is a Web based application suitable for any organization which is considering to efficiently manage its physical business documents. It enables customers to Control, Regulate, Archive, Retrieve, Store and Destroy the physical business documents effectively and efficiently, ensuring availability of Records on Demand, every-time. Fully featured system for In-house document management and bulk processing of Physical Documents.




  • Browser Based Solution
  • Unique Id Barcode System For Files, Cartons And Locations
  • Supports Multiple Levels (For Department Wise Cost Apportionment)


  • Access To Content Available Based On Role And Credentials
  • Only Files Belonging To User Are Accessible
  • Users can request files and folders as required.
Search and Access

Search and Access

  • Search, Select And Submit Request With Just 1 Click
  • Search By Multiple Parameters
  • Bulk Search and Scanning
  • Submit Request For Retrieval, Refiling, Destruction, Perm-out, Softcopy, etc
  • Automated Mail Alerts to Records Manager for New Request
Files and Folders

Files and Folders

  • Register New File
  • View Details By Cartons
  • Export / Download File Details To Excel
  • Automated Mail Alerts to Records Manager for New Request
  • File Folder Activity Report
  • Out-file Report
  • Complete Audit Trail
Data Operations

Data Operations

  • Bulk Upload From Excel
  • Built In Validations Prevent A File Not Requested From Being Processed
  • PDF Generated For Retrieval And Delivery Work Orders
  • Update Incorrect File Status
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Add New Users, Assign Role
  • Add New Department, Requestor, Storage Unit, Etc
  • Easily Edit, Delete Incorrect Entries
  • Create, Process And Export Request For Ids
  • Transactions Reports
  • Audit Trails


Our solutions are crafted after extensive survey of the Market Requirement, Key Pain Areas and Adaptation Challenges currently faced by various organizations across a diversified verticals. Our solutions are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements, ensuring an unparallel user experience. With multiple options to choose from, you are bound to have the best buy, which suits your organization needs.

Core Features

  • Web Based Solution which is accessed thru WAN/LAN or Internet
  • Easy scalability for Server Infra and Storage
  • Subscription Billing on Concurrent Users Volumes on Monthly/Quarterly Advance basis
  • SaaS Solutions with 3 to 5 year renewable Contract, with or without Hardware refresh
  • Free Updates, DR Support, Free re-installation and many more added benefits built in the ASC for total Peace of Mind
  • SaaS Charges include ASC for the period of Contract
  • Unlimited scalability for Users Volumes
  • On Demand Remote Support for Application during all Week days
  • Hardware & Data Center Support as per OEM Terms

On Premise

On-Premise SaaS Solutions

A solution that helps organizations to streamline and control their Application, Database and Repository within in house IT Infrastructure.

On Premise Perpetual One Off Payment

On Premise SaaS Subscription

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