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IKON's Methodology

Phase 1 :

The objective of this phase is to understand current Business Environment, Processes followed, Tools & Solutions Used, Compliance and adherence of Best Practices, Gaps and Leakages, Additional Requirements and Key Resources, Roles & Responsibilities. An understanding document will be prepared highlighting details for review.

Phase 2 :

The objective of this phase is the review the findings, deliberate solutions and prepare documentations for change management for all the key areas of assessment.

Phase 3 :

The objective of this phase is to prepare a detailed step wise plan with defined milestones for the project. All the project team members are briefed and made to understand the road ahead, Define Roles and responsibilities, Define Schedules, milestones and acceptance criteria, Define protocols and tools for team communication and plan for procurement and provision of hardware, software as needed.

Phase 4 :

The objective of this phase is to create various process designs focusing first on the business processes (who, what, why, when, how) and second on the IT systems and infrastructure. The Project team will identify the roles and responsibilities of resources involved for each process, the documents and information that they deal with, and how/what other IT systems are engaged. The Project Team will design processes in synergy with business goals for document and information/data capture, data validation, business rules, workflow, process automation, systems integration, user responsibilities, access rights, systems and workflow monitoring and optimization. Completion of this phase occurs when the client has reviewed the analysis and solution design document and provides a approval for implementation to begin.

Phase 5 :

The objective of this phase is to develop solution in line with design and have it tested for all parameters.

Phase 6 :

The objective of this phase is to deploy the solution in a simulated business environment and configure all aspects of the solution. The Client and the Project Team will test the solution will own acceptance testing (test cases, acceptance test planning and execution) and communicate gaps to validate against the proposed requirements. All documented gaps will be addressed prior to Implementation of Go-Live Instance. The Client provides completion report and approval for Implementation of Go-Live Instance.

Phase 7 :

The objective of this phase is to install, configuration and Implement the solution and processes.

Phase 8 :

The objective of this phase is to train the resources on the Solution and Processes

Phase 9 :

This is the last phase, where in the trained resources will use the system for live transactions. The Project Team and Client Team will jointly monitor the process for smooth transition. The project will be handed over to the client and signoff taken